Passive Homes

A healthy, warm home isn’t something we compromise on. That’s why we’re here to help turn your eco-friendly build into a reality.

Here at Ultimate Homes, we are the eHaus licensed builder for the Canterbury region. Originally coming from the Passivhaus Standard in Germany in 1991, eHaus has been operating in New Zealand for a decade.

What is a passive home, anyway? It’s a voluntary standard for an energy efficient building that reduces its ecological footprint. Not only that, but it requires very little energy for space heating and cooling.

eHaus is the most experience builder of passive homes in New Zealand and is a performance based building system.



Benefits of eHaus:

  • Save up to 90% of heating costs
  • Maintain 20-22 degrees in all rooms all year around
  • All house designs are computer modelled to ensure the accuracy of the design

Ultimate Homes is a member of NZ Master Builders, and Martin is a qualified Certified Passive House Tradesperson.

For more information about passive homes and what eHaus can do for you, register for our newsletter here. You can also learn more on the eHaus website. We have a display at the Home Ideas Centre on Mandeville Street, We host information evenings several times a year. both physical and virtual through zoom sessions so please contact us to book your spot at our next session. Also check out our Facebook page at eHous Canterbury South.